7 years of experience

About Samantha Christy

As a former dancer, the gym wasn't always the most comfortable place.After going through my own fitness and weight-loss journey, I have grown to make the gym my "home away from home."As a fitness and clean-eating enthusiast, I love to help others reach their goals, whatever they may be. I have worked with clients who have accomplished triathlons, marathons, endurance obstacle race courses, extreme weight loss and even just being comfortable in their own skin.I believe in empowering others through gaining strength, and becoming a more well rounded individual through exercise and healthy choices

Lover of ballroom dance,hip-hop, running, cycling and swimming. I love to lift weights, and believe in Clean Eating and enjoying life to the fullest.

Certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM)
TRX Certified

6 years of experience

About Cherise Curby

Cherise loves adventures and doing things she never thought possible, but even more so loves helping other people do things they never thought possible--be it running a Spartan Race or simply holding a plank! Everyone has reasons for being where they are health-wise, but those reasons should never stop you from reaching your goals! You are stronger than you think.
Cherise enjoys working with beginners who are new to exercise as well as experienced exercisers who need a good push to reach their full potential.

Cherise loves strength training, obstacle course races, writing, graphic design, chocolate, oceans, and hanging out in coffee shops with good friends.

AFAA Personal Training
AFAA Group Training
InShapein8 Instructor
TRX Instructor
Gravity Instructor

10 years of experience

About Adrienne Vose

Physical Fitness is important for everyone. No matter what your fitness goals may be or how hectic life becomes, there is a way to accomplish those goals. As your trainer, our number one priority is to create a routine that works towards your needs and gives you the results that are best for you. "Eat Healthy, Move More & Stress Less" is the KEY to a healthy lifestyle.

Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA)
Group Fitness Instructor (ACE)
Fitness Nutrition (ISSA)

13 years of experience

About Kristin Rodriguez

Hi! I am a certified personal trainer with 10 years experience. 8 of those 10 I have been a self employed personal trainer. I have competed in 10+ figure and bikini competitions and currently finishing up my degree for Physical Therapy Assistant. My passion has always been fitness and nutrition. I love to cook (healthy), weight train and run. Weight training is my number one love and believe in challenging myself and others in the best way possible. My specialties include weight loss, competition prep, overall health, rehabilitation.

Conquering Tough Mudder races and obstacles!
Top 5 finisher of over half my figure and bikini competitions!
Helping clients achieve their goals!

AAAI/ISMA Personal Trainer Cert.
AAAI/ISMA Sports Nutrition Consultant Cert.